Old Fashioned LOVE.. Is It Lost?

Bagi yang kepo sama artikel yang gue maksud di postingan ini, silahkan dibaca nih rajin nih gue demi menyebarluaskan artikel maha dahsyat
In a world governed by text messages, Facebook inboxes, or Skype calls, the concept of love has to an extent been submerged. “Love” has lost its value. Individuals assume emoticons on a cellphone or social networking sites are sufficient to reveal their feelings, to substitute for the love they feel.

Often, we all gasp at the misery of a relationship ending over some sort of technology, but we assume Skype video calls to be acceptable, as it’s a “face-to-face” means of communication. When did love become so powerless, for it to be so dominated by technology? Better yet, when did we allow technology to control our love lives?

Love in the past had meaning and value, whereas now it only consists of mechanical words. The language of love is slowly losing its significance and being transformed into scripts, into unemotional and habitual actions. All lovers do the same things for their loved ones.

Presently, the identity of a relationship is handholding or hugging, whic is simply boring. This contains no form of love, no eXpressive feelings, only a method to publicize one’s relationship to the world. Very often, this method will actually symbolize the love felt between two individuals. For this very reason, some may miss “old-fashioned” concepts such as serenades, love letters, poetry or even a picnic on a fall day, but that requires time – time most of us don’t have.

Putting time aside from on’s busy schedule to do something meaningful and thoughtful for your partner is such a rare deed. Relationship seem to be a kind of punishment, where partners are forced to keep other content, with boring routines of love, such as movie date or a bouquet of flowers to begin a date or even a good night kiss to end one.

If married couple were to spare tome for a dinner date, it would be expected that both would be busy with their phones instead of spending time with each other. But that’s the reality of today’s world: advanced technology always gets in the way. When was the last time you went on a picnic? Or wrote a pen-to-paper letter? Nothing beats the rush that comes with opening an envelope and finding a love letter, a handwritten one from a beloved.

Whatever happened to love, the true love when guys would run to the other side of the car to open the door or when couples would spontaneously begin dancing in the middle of the street out of craziness or even, when saying “I love you” actually mean “I love you?” What happened? What happened to that love?

Gentlemen, thoughtfulness isn’t dead, and ladies, apperciativeness isn’t disregarded. Instead of expecting a simple smile or a heartless thank you from your loved one for a clich d rose or an expected box of ornaments, attempt something different, something that will leave your partner truly touched and swept off the ground. Allow them to experience the potential of your love.

We may make fun of the past, with its lack of knowledge or technology, but people back then certainly knew how to express their love and their feelings. Romance, back then, was simple but it was full of essence. It’s all about the love, the thoughts and the kindnesses behind the acts that count. So we owe it to them, to make this season of love meaningful and significant. Let’s appreciate and spare moments to make love memorable and delightful.

ϺN Λndriana


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