The Tradeoff -@goperiscope

There’s no question that the entire music landscape has shifted. Even in our relatively short career as a band/producers, there have been noticeable changes. And honestly, I think way more of them are for the better than for the worse. But the fact needs to be recognized that for the masses, music is a free commodity. People of our generation grew up with downloading music, the second they wanted it – usually for free and sometimes before it was even available for purchase. So, that is our mind set as a whole and the trend continues in that direction. You like a song, it’s yours. However, as a trade-off it makes it possible for completely independent artists like us to release our music for download alongside major label acts, and start connecting with people without having to wait for someone to decide if it’s a “hot-ass-jam”.
The biggest difference for an artist today, is that even after getting a little radio play, or a song on MTV – the barrier to get someone to actually buy your music is so much larger. Someone has to not only like the song, but they must choose to support you individually over thousands of other bands trying to hustle and get their music heard. If it was just a matter of getting the song onto their ipod, it would be done in seconds, from a million different sites, for free. But people that buy music, or go to concerts, or buy merch, or promote the hell out of the artists they care about, are the lifeblood of today’s music scene. The connections between the artist and supporters are so real, because the ocean of middlemen has been stripped away.
So basically, as we work on our next album, we just wanted to take a moment to point out why all of you who have supported us over the past couple years are so cool; and say thank you to each and every person that has supported us so far. We have no label. No manager. No producers. No agency. It’s just you guys and us. Holler.


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