On Saturday 30th April 2011, @EpicTweets_ said:

the girls who get picked last in gym.
the girls who barely get partners in class projects.
the girls who never get noticed.
the girls who wear too much black eyeliner.
the girls who shadow themselves behind their hoodies.
the girls who don’t get much for christmas, because their mom can’t afford to pay the electricity bill.
the girls who have a huge crush on that one guy, that doesn’t even know they exist.
the girls who don’t have cell phones, because they think no one will want to text them anyway.
the girls who have lost all hope in finding happiness.

here’s to those girls.

gym class means nothing, in the real world, you’ll be first.
you will get married later in life, believe it, then you’ll have a partner; a life partner.
when you’re rich & famous, you’ll be the one not noticing them.
makeup is art. wear as much as you want. express your creativity.
that hoodie; is like a cave. crawl out; the world may seem cruel, but the truth is, you just haven’t seen what it really has to offer.
give it time; you’ll get a job, & you’ll get the family back on track.
he knows you exist, he just doesn’t deserve you.
cell phones are bad for your brain anyway. add that to your contacts.
happiness is just around the corner. you just have to find it.
here’s to those girls♥

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