Why Bear Has A Short Tail

ONE day the Bear met the Fox, who came slinking along with a string of
fish he had stolen.
“Where did you get those from?” asked the Bear.
“Oh! my Lord Bear, I’ve been out fishing and caught them,” said the Fox.
So the Bear had a mind to learn to fish too, and bade the Fox tell him how
he was to set about it.
“Oh! it’s an easy craft for you,” answered the Fox, “and soon learnt.
You’ve only got to go upon the ice, and cut a hole and stick your tail down
into it; and so you must go on holding it there as long as you can. You’re
not to mind if your tail hurts a little; that’s when the fish bite. The longer
you hold it there the more fish you’ll get; and then all at once out with it,
and with a strong pull too.”
Yes; the Bear did as the Fox had said, and held his tail a long, long time
down in the hole, till it was frozen in. Then he pulled it out, and it snapped
short off. That’s why Bear goes about with a stumpy tail to this very day.


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