druid horoscope: fig tree

The fig tree produces an abundance of lovely, voluptuous fruit. And despite its hardy appearance, it can easily become overtaken by insects or harsh weather. That may be why Fig Tree people dislike any sort of problems and troubles, although they find it hard to learn how to avoid them. The heart of a Fig Tree can be full of sorrows.

This sign always seeks consolation. Fig Tree people suffer a great deal when being neglected. Their tortured souls may cause their bodies all kinds of sicknesses. To be happy, they need to stay warm, both physically and emotionally.

Fig Tree people have to be surrounded by their family, as they long for constant love and support. Although they themselves can occasionally forget about a friend in need.

People born under the Fig Tree sign seek order and stability. They are trustworthy, as they always keep their word. They are very lazy, but they are well aware of it. They constantly fight their idleness and make themselves work very hard. Throughout their entire lifetime they have to battle their inner demons more often than the external circumstances.

Fig Tree people are hardcore realists. They are very efficient and energetic. They may seem reserved, but on the inside, they are very sensitive and vulnerable creatures. Their love partner would have to learn how to deal with the fragile nature of the Fig Tree. In general, this sign usually has a steady, but unremarkable marriage. It is because if Fig Tree people have to choose, they would always choose comfort over passion.

Fig Tree people can be good at organizing others. They are good bosses and they know what they are doing, but because they are too doubtful of their decision making they will never be too demanding or unreasonable.

what’s spoken flies, what’s written never dies


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