druid horoscope: ash tree

The massive Ash Tree is both wide and tall. Therefore its symbolism is power and magnitude. Naturally, then, Ash Tree people are larger than life. They are very self-assured and overconfident, but this happens only because the people around them keep bragging about their exceptional qualities.

The people of this sign have everything going for them including looks, energy, and inner grace. However, they are hard to deal with. There are not that many people who can put up with Ash Trees’ high demands and self-absorption. Ash Tree people believe that they are the only ones worth getting pampered. They believe that it is only their opinion that matters and they should always have the final word.

Ash Trees know what they want in life, and once they have a goal they become unstoppable. On the other hand, there is nothing in this world that can make these people do something they don’t want. Their path to success is short and very straightforward. Ash Trees have enough energy to overcome nearly every obstacle and achieve almost the impossible.

Although Ash Tree people can be quite selfish, they are not greedy. They would share everything they have, but in return, they will not be shy about taking away whatever they need.

People of this sign are needy and demanding, which doesn’t make them the most desirable partner. Despite this, Ash Trees are usually quite happy in marriage. They will certainly weigh all of the pros and cons before they say ‘I do’. People born under this sign could even consider a marriage of convenience. Even if they chose to neglect love, they will always remain faithful, as they prefer to cherish what they already have.
When it comes to romantic relationships, Ash Tree people almost never make fatal mistakes. They know how to charm their partner. The people of this sign show only their best qualities, keeping their dark side under cover.

what’s spoken flies, what’s written never dies


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