when God creates Human..

1st day, God created a cow. God said: “you need to work in the farm everyday from sunrise until sunset, produce milk and you can only eat grass. I give you 50 years to live.” Cow complained: “I work so hard, but can only eat grass… NO WAY!! I’ll live 20 years & the extra lifespan will be returned to you” God agree.

2nd day, God created a monkey. He told the monkey said: “you need to entertain people by playing with your skill, but you can just eat banana. I give you 10 years to live.” Monkey complained: “I need to entertain human but can only eat banana?I don’t want, 10 years is more than enough, the rest all return to you”. God agree.

3rd day, God created a dog. He said: “you need to stand and bark at the door, eat the leftovers of your master. I give you 25 years living.” Dog complain said: “need to bark everyday in front of the door, i don’t like it, i only want 15 years, the rest return to you. God agree.

4th, God creates human. He said: “you just need to eat, sleep and play, no need to do anything, just to enjoy in life, i give you 20 years living. Human complain said: “why i can’t just live longer since life is so great? Human added: “how about this? cow returned You 30 years, monkey returned You 10 years and dog another 10 years. why not you give it all to me so i can live till 70 years old” God agree.

That’s why our first 20 years just need to eat, sleep and play. Start from 20 years old, we need to work like a cow to earn a living for 30 years. The next 10 years after we retired, we need to act like a monkey to entertain our grandchildren. And the last 10 years, we have to stay in the house, like a dog sitting in front to watch over the door…


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